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When it comes to performance cycling, whether it’s long rides on Sunday mornings or road racing, and sportive, bib shorts are where it’s at for outright comfort. The pad provides comfort so you can sit in the saddle for hours at a time, the straps avoid a waist band digging into your stomach, and there’s no excess fabric to flap about.

While there are other styles of shorts available — baggy, urban and waist shorts — for any rides of that combine distance and speed bib shorts are hard to beat for comfort. You can wear them year-round, under tights in the winter, on their own in the summer. And no, you don’t wear underwear under them, if you’re wondering. They’re designed to sit next to the skin.

There are cycling shorts and then there are bib shorts. And, away from the bike, nothing looks quite as ridiculous as bib shorts.Nevertheless there’s a very good reason why you’ll want to wear the best bibs shorts for cycling: they don’t have a waistband so there’s nothing to dig into your hips or gut when you’re leaning over the bars.What holds them in place instead is a combination of the figure-hugging fabric and the braces running over your shoulders, which is why you need to pay very close attention to fit when you’re choosing a pair. Pick a pair with too little length in the braces and it’ll feel as if the crotch is trying to tear you in half.

Moving away from the pad, the fabric and fit are really important to your comfort. The fit is influenced by the number of panels used to make the shorts. There more panels there are, the more complex the shorts are to make, and so they cost more.

The most common fabric for bib shorts is some sort of stretchy synthetic mix, usually a blend of Nylon and Lycra, ad variously described as spandex or Elastane. There’s a huge variety of thickness and weights of fabric, though.

Vimost offers the highest-quality and most-durable bib shorts . Whether you're out on a short journey, or embarking on a long days' worth of riding, comfort is incredibly important. That's why these products, made from incredible-quality lycra, are so popular amongst cyclists. They have seated padding so you don't get sore from sitting on your seat too long, but their lightweight nature ensures your performance isn't compromised. We have both men's and women's items available, and they all have a variety of different sizes. So you can choose bib shorts most suitable for you.

Fabric:#O-260gms Lycra;Or you can choose the fabric you like

Color: no color limited

Size: USA size or your own size chart

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